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The Universe of Cervantes

The exhibition proposal " El Universo de Cervantes" , is focused on the Cervantino universe of Don Quijote. The exhibition proposal has two parts , like Don Quijote : one that refers to the " I ", the first person, and another that refers to the world or universe around us . It is accompanied by two sculptures " Alter Ego" that continue to be a " Quijote " and " Sancho " .

Both proposals , from the point of view of contemporary art, intended to abstract concepts of that time , the same concepts for both parts , which can merge into a single " I + environment."

We are in a time of rebirth in which the " uomo " is the universal concept , sensitivity , happiness , perfection , the pursuit of vertical and horizontal , are the heart of man, his " epicenter " .

The reality of man is based on the pursuit of happiness , the ideal of perfection , makes life a continuous struggle , it is the action and movement to position "I" , hence the continuous mobility of Quijote to Sancho and Sancho to Quijote. Quijote never ceases to be the "I" authentic, Alonso Quijano again search the alter ego. This reality will never cease to travel between the real world and the imaginary , good and evil , yes and no , doubt and certainty , consciousness and unconsciousness , idealism and reality. Straight and sure path of nature to take things for what they were not , symbolism and realism.

The real world has its limits , vertical and horizontal , the imaginary world isn't, it's infinite. The continuous search for the sacred as being superior tutelador , in pursuit of greatness and roundness of the earth, as a sense of perfection.

Close your eyes , imagine the figure of Don Quijote , with his round shield as "the land " his universe , his personal mandala, closed , defensive and protective shield. On the other hand a vertical spear, continuous advance , attacking and incisive . Moreover fields , the horizon , footprint , over time , the evolution continues until our time with a modern , more relevant than ever in search of a new renaissance sense.

Now open your eyes and look at the exhibits. VALE.