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Vane, wind, you and I

The work aims to make an allegory reference to the loss of the cardinal points of society, against the man. The real man, center of existence, appears at this time of crisis of values, as one more element, and not as the main actor.

The work combines the sense and meaning of the "north", "south", "east" and "west", with the possibility of changing the physical location of each of them, the place that each of us will put or place.

The sun no longer rises nor sets where the natural order of the universe decided to do, is a sunset and sunrise where everyone thinks he does, or thinks he can do so.

The black background, the oxidized material from every direction: "north", "south", "east" and "west" and the red line of life, blood, passion and desire to reach mark the sense of the work.

This is ultimately to get the man by his actions "from me" look and find the sense of achieving reach your destination "he".